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Orlando, FL  32811
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Seiko Infotech Teriostar Engineering Wide Format Printers          

Seiko is known world-wide for their quality products and the Teriostar line of large format printers adds to this legacy.   The Sekio I Infotech (SII) is a divison of Seiko International, a 130 year old company.  SII is well known in Europe and has been in the Unite States  for the past 11 years.  With the introduction of its current generation of printers, the Teriostar product is gaining market share from older intrenched manufactures whose products still use outdated technology.  While manufacturers like Xerox have choosen to exit the market entirely, SII has raises the bar with inovative technology and stardard features that everyone else calls an option or does not offer.

As an authorized representatives of the Teriostar line, BTP offers local hardware, software support and financing options that makes your purchase decision easily.  Please ask for our large format specialist to learn about the economic benefit of Teriostar.

Teriostar's Competitive Advantages Include;


7.5 D-sized prints/Minute with a Paper Capacity of 2) input 500 foot rolls.



10 D-sized prints/Minute with paper Capacity of 4) 500 foot rolls.