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4470 35th Street
Orlando, FL  32811
(407) 649-6490

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Copystar - Best Office Line of the Year for 2012

CS 8000i, CS 6500i, CS 5500i, CS 4500i, CS 3500i,

CS 7550ci, CS 6550ci, CS 5550ci, CS 4550ci, CS 3550ci, CS 3050ci


TaskAlpha Color Multifunction Devices

TaskAlpha Black & White Multifunction Devices


Award winning features of the TaskAlpha MFP's:

The Copystar TaskAlpha Series of Multifunction devices take flexibility and performance to new heights. Designed specifically with the end-user in mind, the TaskAlpha Series incorporates high productivity and flexible configurations with exceptional imaging and advanced finishing to easily handle both day-to-day document needs as well as more complex projects with ease. Superior imaging technology enables you to create finished pieces with professional polish, while integrated business applications provide the added power and capabilities to help your business simplify its document workflow.

Copystar's award-winning ultra-reliability and unique long-life technology ensure the superior performance and proven productivity your busy enterprise requires to keep it up and running at maximum efficiency. When it comes to document imaging innovation and quality you can count on, the Copystar TaskAlpha Series delivers.